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On your administartion panel, you should now see a new “Availability Check” sub-menu on the “Easy Booking” tab.

Availability Check settings page in WordPress dashboard

There are two tabs on top of the screen: “Settings” and “Imports”.

Tabs in Availability Check settings page


Availability Check settings

License key

Here you can enter the license key you received by email.
If you didn’t get it, please check your spam box or send an email.

Display availabilities

Displays the number of items left for each date on the frontend calendar(s).

The numbers will only be displayed on simple and variable products, and for readability issues won’t be displayed on mobile.

Calendar with stock amount showed for each date

Color availabilities

Colors the availabilities on the frontend calendar(s): high availabilities on green and low availabilites on orange.

Calendar with stock amount colored

Low stock threshold is defined on WooCommerce Settings (WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Inventory > “Low stock threshold”).

This requires the previous “Display availabilities” option to be checked.

Unavailability period after a booking

Makes the products unavailable for x day after the end of a booking.
This can be useful if you need to have the items back for a certain time before renting in again.

Start: 01/01/2016
End: 01/10/2016
Unavailability period: 5 days.

The product will be available on 01/15/2016 for booking.

Initialize availabilities

Inits all availabilities of your products, taking into account passed orders and manually added bookings.

If you ever have any troubles with availabilities, click on this button and everything should be back on track!


Here you can manually add bookings, for example if they weren’t made on your website.

Manually import a booking

To add a booking:

Click on “Add booking” on top of the screen.
Choose the product(s), start date, end date (optional) and quantity booked.
Click on “Save”. Easy, right?

Then, you can edit or delete the booking.

Here’s a code to add a custom column to the form, for example to add the client’s name:

add_filter( 'easy_booking_availability_imports_columns', 'ebac_custom_import_column', 10, 1 );

function ebac_custom_import_column( $new_column ) {
    $new_column[] = array(
        'position' => 0,
        'content' => array(
            'client'   => __( 'Client', 'easy_booking_availability' )

    return $new_column;


Add a custom column in the "Imports" section

When adding, editing or deleting a manually added booking, its availabilities will automatically be updated.