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Support Easy Booking: Pricing Selling in blocks

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    Hi, I’ve just bought subscription of “Easy Booking: Pricing” add-on however I was expecting it to have option to set prices per blocks rather than per day only, ie I wanted to do the following pricing for item which I got for hire.:

    Monday – Thursday – £100

    Friday – Sunday – £180

    Friday- Saturday £130

    Saturday – Sunday £120

    I was not able to detect such option, WooCommerce Bookings does hold such feature but their price is biting and that’s why I’ve choosen yourselves…

    I understand that your plugin does offer alternative to select custom dates, but it would take ages to set this up for every single product and wouldn’t make any sense as my price is same every single week.

    Any chance we could make above to happen??

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    Or another question, is it possible to make “repeat every year?” to be “repeat every week?”


    Plugin's author


    Sorry for the late answer.

    I’m afraid it its not possible, have you tried the plugin on the demo before?

    A solution could be to do a variable product with several variations:

    • Monday-Thursday
    • Friday-Sunday
    • Friday-Saturday
    • Saturday-Sunday

    Disabling other days on each variation (for example, disable Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the first one) and set a daily price corresponding to your prices (for example $25 for the first one). I don’t know if I’m being clear? But it could be kind of a solution.

    It’s hard to have something correspong exactly to what you need with a plugin, and when you need something very precise the best way is to have a custom solution developped (but the price is not the same :)).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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